Our Product

Before a new flavor comes to you, Siddis team makes researches on the best ingredients and tries different ways to get the perfect flavor and texture combination in Siddis gelato. All Siddis products are handmade and we always try to use the best local (Norway) ingredients, with a little Italian spirit like gelato asks for. We are a socially responsible company. Therefore we work with recycling products in our packaging and try to help our community in different projects.

Gelato &Sorbets

We are extremely proud to produce Gelato and Sorbets instead of ice cream. The gelato is an inspiration and the best taste from Italy on a cold dessert. Our sorbets are so creamy that many people don't realize they are milk free. 

The Amazing Team

Jolanta Lu

Jolanta is our gelato wizard with many years of experience with food and flavors. Always keen to learn more and create different products for you, she is the magician behind the scene. Passionate about Italy, she is a certified Gelatiere from Carpigiani Gelato University. 

Now she develops her knowledge and always improves trying new mixology and creating the best quality gelato/sorbet for you!

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Andrea Ribeiro

For Andrea, everything is a story, and when Jolanta ask her to be a part of this new adventure the answer was an easy YES! Because it is easy to tell a story about a product when the quality and the flavors are so unique and beautiful. Andrea has the magic wand behind the communication and image of Siddis. 

We want to always create something beautiful, with a real and lovely story, so you fall in love with us the same way we love to create new things for you.